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Why Should You Choose JR's Landscape Services?

We are serious about all phases of our employee training and development program.  We also diligently seek out the latest hardscape products as well as the highest quality plant materials.  Even in this tough economy, our company continues to grow.  You can be assured that we are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our customers.  If problems should arise we will back up our products and services.

3 Reasons to Hire A Professional

  1. The project is completed in timely fashion due to experience and access to products.
  2. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to do the job correctly.
  3. It costs less to have something done correctly the first time.

Why Is Landscaping Important to Your Budget?

  • Landscaping increases the rate of return on the investment.  In today’s very difficult home market, it is important to have an edge over other homes.  Curb appeal is one of top reasons people are drawn to a home.
  • When you provide your home with proper landscaping you are also helping your home become more energy efficient.  Trees and turf grass lower the temperature on and near your home, thereby helping you lower your cooling costs during the summer months.  Trees also provide shelter from cold winter winds, helping to reduce your winter energy requirements.

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